Alpine for OS/2

Alpine is a revised version of Pine, a well-known and well-loved text-based e-mail client developed by the University of Washington, USA. It can access mail from POP3 and IMAP mail servers, as well as act as a client for NNTP news servers. The package also includes the simple text editor Pico and file browser Pilot, along with some small utilities for managing mail stored on IMAP servers.

The latest version of Alpine for OS/2 is 2.00. The University of Washington released this version on 26 August 2008, and the OS/2 port was subsequently released on 11 September 2008. Details about the release can be found in the README.OS2 file packaged with the distribution.

Pine itself is no longer maintained, but you can find an archive of OS/2 Pine releases on OS/2 Site. The last version of Pine was 4.64, released on 5 October 2005.


After ten years of maintaining Pine, and then Alpine, for OS/2 from 1998 until 2008, I've decided (somewhat belatedly) to discontinue maintenance of Alpine for OS/2 as of the Version 2.00 release described above.

I've handed the OS/2 patches over to the Re-Alpine Project, where I expect any future development of the code will occur. I'm still happy to answer questions about the software, but I no longer have a working OS/2 machine and will not being doing any more maintenance or development.

I've enjoyed maintaining (Al)pine over the years, and I still use Alpine as my main e-mail client whatever operating system I'm using, but I've decided that it's time to move on to other things. Nonetheless, the old port still exists and still works, and I'll keep this web site on-line indefinitely and updated with any relevant news that comes my way.


The following is a list of packages available for download. The download points given for the executables are far from exhaustive. If you are an experienced user of OS/2 freeware you will probably know where your nearest Hobbes mirror is. Otherwise, you can go to Hobbes and find out.

Alpine OS/2 executables
Alpine, Pico and Pilot compiled for OS/2.
Mail server executables
The University of Washington's POP2, POP3 and IMAP mail servers compiled for OS/2.
Source code
Source code patches and instructions for compiling Alpine and the IMAP toolkit.

Web Alpine can be compiled on OS/2 using the patches above, but it does not work and I am not distributing a binary version of it. See the notes packaged with the source code patches for details.

Note that the standard versions of Alpine and the IMAP toolkit contain a binary version of the OpenSSL library, which implements strong cryptography. Some jurisdictions impose controls on the import and export of strong cryptography. It is possible to compile versions without SSL support for these uses but I do not distribute an SSL-free binary version.

Further Information and Community

The University of Washington provides a wealth of information about Alpine at its Alpine Messaging System Site, including e-mail lists, documentation and a feedback form. The Re-Alpine Project continues development at SourceForge.



Pine was created in 1989 by the University of Washington, USA. The University of Washington has a history in its Pine Information Center.

Pine for OS/2

Pine 3.95 was ported to OS/2 by David Nugent. The OS/2 port wasn't maintained for the 4.0x releases of Pine, but I updated David's port for 4.10 and continued maintaining it up until version 4.58 was released.

I made a major revision of the port for the 4.6x releases. The revised port still uses some of David's code, but my main goal was to bring the port closer to the Unix and Windows versions, reducing the amount of OS/2-specific code and enabling some newer features that the old OS/2 port didn't support. I released beta versions of the mail servers with Pine 4.61 and maintained these until the final version of Pine.


The University of Washington released Alpine 1.00 in 2007 and Alpine 2.00 in 2008, but no longer develops the system as far as I know. The OS/2 port of Alpine and the IMAP toolkit is based on the 4.6x port of Pine.


The Re-Alpine Project released Re-Alpine 2.01, based on Alpine 2.00, in 2009. So far as I am aware, this is the only surviving branch of the system.

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