I began My Science Fiction Adventure in June 2019, documenting my thoughts on the future of work and my experience in working in a salaried position for only a short time each week. The blog builds on my article Science Fiction and the Economics of Utopia, published in April 2018.

Between 2012 and 2015 I wrote a blog on technology and society called I Don’t Want to Be A Nerd! I discontinued that blog due to work and lifestyle changes, but many of my articles on technology and society (below) began as thoughts on that blog.

Technical Articles

I’ve published numerous technical articles on digital watermarking, digital rights management, privacy, and other topics. See my academic page for details.

Technology and Society

Society for Creative Anachronism

I’ve written a number of articles on the history of science and mediaeval geography, published in Cockatrice and Stefan’s Florilegum. See my SCA page for details.


I love novels and always wanted to write one or two when I grew up, but instead found myself writing scientific articles as part of my PhD and postdoctoral research (see above). More recently I’ve turned out some flash fiction for AntipodeanSF. Some longer pieces are coming, er, any minute now!

I’ve also written one article about fiction: