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Ready for summer

At the end of November, I’ve completed the SDG Academy’s Tech for Good course, all but one session of Zig Zag Hub’s incubator programme, and National Novel-Writing Month. I’ve already attended my first Christmas party for the year and am in the midst of planning my Christmas holidays, but there’s still a few weeks to go before the holiday period gets properly underway.

Without a full-time job, and several blocks of time set aside for writing, I was able to meet my novel-writing target in relative comfort: I ended on 30 November with 31490 words (including THE END). I probably won’t dare to read over them again for at least a few weeks but little of it is likely to be publishable. I fear that aiming to write a certain number of words each day encouraged me to write what was easy rather than what I actually needed to practice in order to improve my writing, and the result certainly isn’t the comic romp that I intended it to be. At best I suspect I have a few characters and scenarios that I’ll be able to re-use in a completely re-written story. Still, I again had a lot of fun doing it and it’s a little sad to be leaving the little world that I created for the story.

For the remainder of the year, I intend to do some preparatory work for projects to be undertaken next year. Firstly, I’ll be re-visiting the writing projects that I put aside during National Novel-Writing Month with a view to what needs to be done with them next. Secondly, I have some research to do in support of some new projects to be started in January. Thirdly, I need to follow up on the plans for A Little Research that I made during the Zig Zag incubator. And finally, for something more relaxing over summer, I ought to try out the bars and breweries that have popped around Wollongong since I last lived here.

I hope that all this, together with the Christmas parties, will be enough to keep me occupied for the rest of 2019, and result in plenty more to do in the new year. Enjoy summer!

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