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Onwards to 2020

I always find it a little depressing to come to the end of a holiday season. For the past two or three weeks, I’ve relaxed my work regime, put aside the projects I was working on, and enjoyed myself through social events and travel. But I start my formal work again next week, and I intend to return to my other projects at the same time. It may be tempting to continue partying and relaxing in turns, but now that I’m back home it’s evident that unlimited partying would probably leave me tired and jaded while unlimited relaxing would probably leave me bored.

One of the last things I did before going on holiday was attend an interview for some casual science education work, for which I’m told I can expect to hear the outcome in mid-January. So for now I’m only setting specific goals for January, with the intention of working out the next stage of the year once I know the outcome of the interview.

I have two writing projects that I ought to be able complete by the end of January, and a larger work for which I hope to follow up on the most major points that I identified during editing in December. One of these projects already has a publisher in mind and a very good chance of being published in the first half of 2020, but for the other I will need to do some research into what might be the best approach to getting it published.

As one of my December projects, I re-visited and expanded some SCA-themed research that I began while living in Singapore. Now that I’m back in Australia (or Lochac, if you will), I’m in a position to actually carry out the project. For January I hope to do some initial project planning and trials.

Finally, having toyed with the idea of getting back into software development for some time now and having written a bit about open source development recently, I feel it’s time to bite the bullet. January will be my time to research some potential projects and decide what might be both appealing and feasible to do over the remainder of the year.

Now that I’ve written all that done, it seems rather a lot to do! But I do hope there’ll be some time for a little relaxing as well (though I don’t have any parties coming up).

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