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We, Robots

Head of Zeus recently published We, Robots, edited by Simon Ings, containing one hundred stories about artificial intelligence including my own story Satisfaction. You can read the original version of Satisfaction for free in Trove’s archival copy of AntipodeanSF March 2018. (Note that there seem to be several books of this title or a very similar one, so check it’s the one edited by Simon Ings if you see it around.)

Satisfaction doesn’t have much to do with the theme of this blog, and I wrote it before it had even occurred to me write this blog (though it was published around the same time as Science Fiction and the Economics of Utopia). The inspiration for the story in fact came from wondering what utilitarian philosophy might have to say about an artificial being whose only purpose was to feel pleasure. As I wrote the story, it became as much about seeking (supposed) spiritual enlightenment at the expense of worldly needs.

As I write, I’m waiting for my print copy to arrive so that I can read the other ninety-nine stories. Thanks to Simon Ings (who I’ve never met) for picking the story out and thanks to Ion Newcombe (who I’ve also never met) for publishing the original version.


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