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What have I got to show after six months, part 3

I’ve recently taken on an additional role at Western Sydney University that means I’ll be spending 2.5 days each week there instead of the one day a week that I was spending there in 2019. This more or less marks the end of the sort-of-sabbatical that I had given myself upon returning from Singapore. But, even including the one day a week that I’ve committed to A Little Research, I’ll continue to work reduced hours compared to a full-time job and I’ll continue to work on my non-paid projects including this blog.

The additional hours mean that I no longer need to seek work for financial reasons; from now on I’ll only be seeking paid work insofar as it is necessary for A Little Research to succeed. In particular, I won’t be actively seeking software development work for the foreseeable future (though I’ll consider work that can be done in one or two days a week if it comes up); I made little enough progress on this even when I was in principle available to do it for three days a week.

I expect it’ll take a little while to figure out a pattern of work that accommodates three days a week in Sydney plus one day a week on A Little Research, and February is expected to be particularly busy due to the coming of new academic year. So I’m not going to set any targets for February beyond meeting the hours I’ve committed to and finishing off the near-complete projects that I’ve been working on since last year. By March or so I should have a better idea of how I’ll fit in with the new working hours.

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