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Autumn expectations

Having been in my new role at Western Sydney University for a few weeks now and having had some time to reflect on how the new schedule has affected my other projects, I feel I’m ready to set some goals for the next month or two. I’m halfway through a course in Indonesian that finishes in mid-April, and immediately after that I’m booked into the Society for Creative Anachronism’s Rowany Festival, so it seems appropriate to set goals up until that period.

For a start, I have a few SCA projects that ought to be done prior to Festival. Each one is relatively small in itself and until now I’ve only been working on them when I have pretty much nothing else to do. But I’ll need to raise their priority if I’m to finish them before Festival, so for the next few weeks they ought to be the first thing I’m doing after I’ve met my committments to Western Sydney University and the Indonesian course.

I’ve been similarly dawdling on several small jobs with regard to A Little Research, mainly in the form of things that have been in my head but ought to be written into business plans, policy documents, and the like. I’ll shortly be launching my first serious advertising campaign, so now is a good time to be finishing off the business plan and policies so as to be ready as possible should anyone actually respond to the advertisements.

This will mean cutting back on my writing, which has already been cut back by the time I’ve committed to Western Sydney University. But, with one project complete (but not submitted) and another close to stalled in the editing phase, it’s probably a good time to take a step back and think over what the next steps should be. The completed project needs to taken towards publication while the stalled one needs some new ideas or a new approach to get going again. So my writing challenge for the next few weeks is to identify that path to publication and to find that fresh approach.

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