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Visitations from God leave us as confused as ever

The March 2020 issue of SciPhiJournal contains my “fictional non-fiction” (as SciPhiJournal calls this sort of thing) Visitations From God Leave Us As Confused As Ever. As usual it doesn’t have much to do with the theme of this blog, and I hope the title communicates the inspiration behind the piece well enough, so I won’t say anything further about it here.

A lot of my recent fiction and writing about fiction—including Science Fiction and the Economics of Utopia and Satisfaction—has been inspired by philosophical points so I’m particularly pleased to have a venue like SciPhiJournal. Thanks to editors, Ádám and Mariano, for resurrecting the journal after it disappeared for a little while, and for prompting me to come up with a better ending for Visitations… than the original one.

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