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Off-peak entertainment

Since pubs, restaurants and tourist areas around New South Wales re-opened, I’ve visited them sparingly and mostly on weekdays when there’s not so many people around. Visiting the pub on a Tuesday rather than a Friday, say, presumably assists with “social distancing”, and it’s often cheaper and easier to book accommodation on weekdays than on weekends. But I got to wondering what might happen to the day-by-day popularity of hospitality services if we had days other than Saturday and Sunday off.

In the past I’ve sometimes been annoyed by people’s reluctance to go out on anything other than a Friday or Saturday night, and have wondered if organising social events might be easier if we were willing to have them on other nights. But I’ve since found myself looking forward to a Friday evening beer at the end of the working week, to the point I still have one even when I’m not working (albeit usually at home more often than not). And maybe there’s some value in the discipline of going out only at the end of the working week: eating out and drinking every night of the week would be unlikely to do much for my health.

My personal habits aside, I can see value in having a common period (the weekend) each week in which we can schedule social events with confidence that most people won’t be called in for work. The Society for Creative Anachronism always holds single-day events on Saturday, for example, so that weekday workers like myself are generally available to attend them.

Still, having a common weekend and enjoying other days of the week aren’t mutually exclusive. If choosing another night of the week suits me and whoever I might be with, and makes better use of pubs and tourist areas outside of peak hours, why not? And if Wednesday is my day off (as it is in the current semester), why not treat it like my own personal weekend?

I haven’t yet decided if I’ll continue avoiding Friday and Saturday nights out when life returns to normal, though no doubt SCA events will eventually return to Saturday nights. On the other hand, I’ve always taken holidays as much as possible during off-peak periods, and I don’t feel I’ve missed anything (other than crowds) by doing so.

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