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A short story and a novella

The December 2021 edition of AntipodeanSF contains my short story The Gold Farm. Ion is arranging a reading (done by one of his narration crew) for the podcast at sometime in the future.

I’m also using the publication to launch my first novella-length story, Machines, available from Smashwords and free during Smashwords’ End of Year Sale. Machines re-uses the setting and character from my short story Satisfaction, but takes the story in a somewhat different direction, which you can read about on the Smashwords page. I’ve been working on it on and off since I was living in Singapore, often tearing my hair out (metaphorically) over how to get it just right, but felt that now was time to sign off and move on to my next project. Thanks to Tahlia Newland and Amy Laurens for feedback that pushed me to make the manuscript the best it could be.

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