About Me

My name is Nicholas Paul Sheppard (but “Nick” will do in most circumstances). I grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, but have spent most of the 2000’s living in Wollongong, New South Wales. I recently returned to Wollongong after three years living and working in Singapore.

I’m an academic, software engineer and occasional writer with additional interests in the social implications of technology and in mediaeval re-creation. You might also find me reading, hiking, cooking, brewing (beer), travelling and/or doing conservation work. I love music but never practised hard enough to be much of a musician myself.

This web site has existed in several forms since July 1995, when having your own web site was the thing to do. I never joined Facebook, MySpace, et al. because I never found Internet relationships to be very satisfying, and because I didn’t want to demand that my friends sign up with some Internet corporation in order to talk to me. You are, however, welcome to drop me an e-mail at nps@nps.id.au if you want to chat.